• Grassmen - 7 DVD set

    The Grassmen duo made their first film in 2009 and have produced a wide range of films covering farming in Ireland.  This set of 7 Grassmen DVD's is a great collection for fans of the Grassmen. 

    Titles include "Green Fever", "Keep 'er Lit", "Sustain the Flame", "It's in the Blood", "Fulla the Pipe", "Old School" and "Two Legends and a Donkey"

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  • Farming in Miniature 2 DVD setAgriculture in Australia

    Filmmakers Jörn and Tammo Gläser have travelled to different regions of the continent down under several times as part of their documentary series ‘Agriculture in Australia’.

    This three-part film series looks at a variety of agricultural machines made by different manufacturers as they are put to work over the different seasons and from Western Australia to the island of Tasmania.

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  • Old Pond Catalogue, August 2014

    New Old Pond Catalogue now available.

    Our new catalogue has been printed and we've started to send them out.

    If you're on our list you should receive one in the next 2 weeks.  If not, please get in touch so we can send it to you.

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  • Welcome to Old Pond!

    Old Pond Publishing is a publisher of DVDs and books for enthusiasts in the land-based industries: farmers and smallholders, workers in the earth-moving, forestry and heavy transport occupations. We deal with current activities and machinery as well as the history of the industries.

    You will find books and DVDs on the following subjects: archive film footage, cattle, combine harvesting, farm cookery, demolition, earth-moving, East Anglia, farm machinery, forestry, goat-keeping, working horses, farming pocket books, Land girls, rural history, model tractors, farming novels, old photography, plant names, ploughing, poultry and ducks, practical farming, sea and rivers, sheep and lambing, sheepdogs and gun-dogs, steam traction engines, tractors, trucking and heavy loads. Click on the links at the side of every page to browse our current range of titles.