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About Old Pond

Old Pond Publishing is a publisher of DVDs and books for enthusiasts in the land-based industries: farmers and smallholders, workers in the earth-moving, forestry and heavy transport occupations. We deal with current activities and machinery as well as the history of the industries.

You will find books and DVDs on the following subjects: archive film footage, cattle, combine harvesting,

farm cookery, demolition, earth-moving, East Anglia, farm machinery, forestry, goat-keeping, working horses, farming pocket books, Land girls, rural history, model tractors, farming novels, old photography, plant names, ploughing, poultry and ducks, practical farming, sea and rivers, sheep and lambing, sheepdogs and gun-dogs, steam traction engines, tractors, trucking and heavy loads. Click on the links at the side of every page to browse our current range of titles.

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