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Cattle Books and DVDs

Our cattle books and DVDs give practical advice and knowledge about cattle farming, whether meat or dairy. The Cow Signals books are particularly popular amongst our cattle health books due to their high graphical content and in-depth information. We also have a number of cattle veterinary books that are academic texts for the agricultural vet, but can be used as a reference for the farmer.

We also have a number of cattle hoofcare DVD's for the practical farmer to help reduce hoof disease in herds.

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  1. Know Your Cattle

    Know Your Cattle - Jack Byard

    Know your Cattle is a pocket-sized cattle breeds book ideal as a quick reference for walks around the countryside. Jack Byard shows and describes the 44 breeds farmed in Britain, with concise, informative texts are perfect for novice enthusiasts of all ages. Learn More
  2. A Brief History of Milk Production

    A Brief History of Milk Production: From Farm to Market - Bert Collacott

    A Brief History of Milk Production details the history of milk farming from the earliest days through to the problems facing dairy farmers in the current day. It includes illustrations, photographs of milking machines and processing plants and case studies.

    Learn More

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