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Pig Books and DVDs

Our Pig books and DVDs give practical advice and knowledge about pig farming. The Pig Signals books are particularly popular amongst our pig books due to their high graphical content and in-depth information. Managing Pig Health is considered the essential text for serious pig farmers.

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  1. Know Your Pigs

    Know Your Pigs - Jack Byard

    The Know Your ... series of books is ideal for novice enthusiasts of all ages. For his fifth book, Jack Byard has selected 29 breeds of pigs. These include all those you are likely to see in the UK on farms or at rare breeds centres. Learn More
  2. Know Your Pigs - new edition

    Know Your Pigs - new edition

    Did you know that pigs are smarter than your average 3 year-old? Discover interesting facts about 28 different breeds, each accompanied by a description of the pig's appearance, history and breeding, and details of its personality in a handy, pocket-sized book. Learn More

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