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The three sheepdog training DVDs and book by H Glyn Jones cover all the stages from early training, basic working with sheep, early trials work and more advanced trials and brace work. Other DVDs cover gundog training and alternative sheepdog training techniques.

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  1. Way of Life, A: Sheepdog training, handling and trialling

    A Way of Life: Sheepdog training, handling and trialling - H Glyn Jones

    This book is a complete guide to sheepdog work in which the story of Glyn Jones' life with sheepdogs is presented...

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  2. Come Bye! and Away! The early stages of sheepdog training

    Come Bye! and Away! The early stages of sheepdog training (DVD) - H Glyn Jones

    Focusing on that crucial moment when a young dog is first let loose with sheep, Glyn Jones shows how he teaches the four key commands and gains the dog?s willing co-operation... Learn More
  3. Know Your Dogs

    Know Your Dogs - Jack Byard

    Jack Byard?s book covers 45 breeds of dogs selected from Kennel Club lists of most popular breeds. The pages will reveal many familiar canine faces. Learn More
  4. Sheep Station NZ

    Sheep Station NZ (DVD) - Dylan Winter

    Dylan spent three months in New Zealand recording a wide range of sheep farms and the background to them. Learn More
  5. Take Time!

    Take Time! (DVD) - H Glyn Jones

    To prove that a working sheepdog can become a competent trials competitor, Glyn Jones takes two very different dogs and their handlers through their paces... Learn More

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