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Dylan Winter

Dylan Winter

Dylan Winter has worked on and around farms since his late teens. He studied agricultural engineering at university. His journalistic career kicked off on Farmers Weekly and moved seamlessly to the BBC where he presented Farming Today – rising at 4.30 every morning.

He is now a general jobbing freelance with a passion for all things rural. He has always been involved with horses and has undertaken a number of long distance rides including a five month, 2000 mile horse back journey along the Oregon Trail.

He believes that the human brain – well his anyway – is hard wired to travel at three miles an hour. At that speed he can absorb enough of the passing world to understand and appreciate it. Anything faster and everything happens too fast.

Dylan Winter lives in a Buckinghamshire village with his wife and two children. He can often be seen riding his American Quarterhorse Mac - at three miles an hour - along the lanes and bridle ways of North Bucks. Following somewhere in their wake will be his laconic labrador.

Dylan is the author of two books and has presented radio and TV programmes on everything from Britain's canal system to corrupt dentists.

A Hack Goes West
A Hack Along the Borders

DVDs & Videos
Loggers: from chainsaw to sawmill in British Columbia, 2004
Rocky Mountain Cowboys
Two Thousand Mile Harvest
Custom Cutters
Rodeo in the Blood 2007
Sheep Station NZ


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