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Land Girls

Experiences of the Home Front in the Second World War recalled in paperbacks by the Land Girls who kept farming going when the men went to fight. These Land Girls books are true stories are full of fun and nostalgia.

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  1. Charismatic Cows and Beefcake Bulls

    Charismatic Cows and Beefcake Bulls - Sonia Kurta

    Cows staging protests, puzzle-solving geese and a rebellious mopper-upper. These are just a few of the engaging characters who Sonia Kurta met during her time in farming. ... Learn More
  2. A Land Girl's War

    Land Girl's War, A - Joan Snelling

    In April 1941 eighteen-year-old Joan Snelling, or "Pop" to her friends, volunteered for work in the Women's Land Army. Within weeks she was duly employed as a land girl at Hoveton Fruit Farm, Norfolk... Learn More
  3. Land Girls at the Old Rectory (Paperback) - Irene Grimwood

    Land Girls at the Old Rectory - Irene Grimwood

    It was 1942 and Britain was running out of food. Twenty-year-old Irene Gibbs had always fancied working on the land... Learn More
  4. Land Girls Gang Up

    Land Girls Gang Up - Pat Peters

    Pat Peters and her Land Girl comrades worked as hard as any man, clearing stones, pulling thistles and cutting broccoli on freezing cold mornings. For this gang of high-spirited young London girls, suddenly transported to rural Cornwall in the 1940s, it was the unending potato harvest that they most disliked. Learn More

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