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This wide range of items includes books of personal memories by writers such as Hugh Barrett, novels about the past and DVDs of Paul Heiney’s Anglia Television series.

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  1. We Waved to the Baker

    We Waved to the Baker - Andrew Arbuckle

    We Waved to the Baker is an evocative and heart-warming collection of stories from Andrew Arbuckle?s youth in Fife. Through the fresh gaze of childhood, he depicts the rugged hard work of life on the farm, while capturing beautifully the essence of growing up in a boisterous family and a close rural community. Learn More

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  2. Truckers North Truckers South (Paperback) - Leslie Purdon

    Truckers North Truckers South - Leslie Purdon

    This is a story of a young man starting his career in road transport. In 1945 17-year-old Shay becomes a trailer-boy on an Atkinson lorry that is noisy, cold and limited in speed. Driver Fred is one of the old school and knows the best cafes, pubs and all the tricks of the trade... Learn More
  3. The Traditional Farming Year

    The Traditional Farming Year - Paul Heiney

    For ten years broadcaster Paul Heiney ran his own Suffolk farm with horse rather than tractor. In this book Paul draws on his experience in order to describe month-by-month a farming year that our great-grandparents might have recognized... Learn More
  4. The King of the Norfolk Poachers: his life and times (Hardback)- Charlotte Paton

    The King of the Norfolk Poachers: his life and times- Charlotte Paton

    "If I had my time to come over again I would still be what I have been a poacher. So I remain, Gentlemen, The Ex King of the Norfolk Poachers." The name of the poacher was Frederick Rolfe - Charlotte Paton has researched his life and written his biography. Learn More
  5. Starks' Harvesters

    Starks' Harvesters - Robert S White

    In May 1979 two young Englishmen travelled to Oklahoma to become members of Dale Starksharvesting crew. For Rob and Charlie this was the start of memorable years driving Massey Ferguson combines the length and breadth of the American wheat belt. Learn More
  6. Ron Creasey: last of the horselads

    Ron Creasey: last of the horselads - William Castle

    This is the story of East Yorkshireman Ron Creasey, one of the last farm horsemen to find work at a hiring fair in 1946. He was just seventeen. Learn More

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  7. Not All Sunshine & Sand

    Not All Sunshine & Sand: The Tales of a UK-Middle East Truck Driver - revised edition - Paul Rowlands

    This book takes the reader on a ride through foreign lands in the cab of a long-haul lorry, providing an insider’s perspective on overland travel. The new edition of this hugely popular book incorporates 72 photographs taken at the time.

    Learn More
  8. Juggernaut Drivers (Paperback) - Leslie Purdon

    Juggernaut Drivers - Leslie Purdon

    It's the 1970's. Trucker Dennis Richardson (Rich) revels in the laughter and camaraderie of his life on the road. He sets up a transport company, North Kent, with two pals. Benny is the one with the short fuse; Rich tries to calm him down - when he's not winding him up . . . Learn More
  9. Joseph and His Brethren

    Joseph and His Brethren - H W Freeman

    Joseph and his Brethren follows the story of a Suffolk farming family through two generations. When Benjamin Geaiter purchases the run down Crakenhill Farm his presence is soon felt in the neighbouring villages... Learn More

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  10. In the Driving Seat

    In the Driving Seat - Alex Heymer

    Forty-four years driving for a living have given Alex Heymer a wealth of stories ...Alex always wanted to be a driver, like his father, and learned at a very young age. During his national service he drove for the RAF, and then went on to trolleybuses for London Transport. He returned to London Transport later to drive RTs and Routemasters. He has lots of tales about driver shenanigans on the trolleybuses and buses. Learn More

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