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Henry Brewis

Henry Brewis working in his studio,
converted from a byre, on his farm
at Hartburn.

On the Farming Press stand at the
Smithfield Show, December 1986,
Henry is making his views clear to
Minister of Agriculture Michael
Jopling (on the left). In the centre is
Geoffrey Rumsey, the highly
respected editor of Arable Farming

One of Henrys ancestors was the
19th century diarist William Brewis.

Born near Alnwick, Northumberland in 1932, Henry Brewis was one of a clan of farmers in the area. He spent much of his life running a mixed arable and livestock farm at Hartburn, near Morpeth, Northumberland.

In the 1970s he began drawing cartoons and writing regularly for farming magazines, including the West Cumberland Farmers Journal, regional NFU journals and Livestock Farming. Booklets of his collected pieces were immensely popular.

Farming Press issued the first of Henry's full collections of cartoons in 1983. Funnywayt'mekalivin' was the star attraction of that year's Smithfield Show when Henry signed copies on the Farming Press stand. Henry sold his farm on a lease-back arrangement and began to devote more time to writing and drawing. A small industry grew up around him, with Christmas cards, licensed prints, statuettes, decorated beer mugs, tee-shirts and audio-tapes. He was also in demand as an after-dinner speaker.

In his youth Henry had been a keen cricketer, fielding at silly mid-off, and despite many years of illness he continued to enjoy sport, particularly golf. Henry died in 2000 leaving three children and two grandchildren.

Little Bit O'Nonsense About Sheep, 2008
Chewing the Cud, 1990
Clarts & Calamities, 1988
Country Dance, 1992
Don’t Laugh Til He’s Out of Sight, 1984
Funnywayt’mekalivin’, 1983
Goodbye Clartiehole, 1994
Harvey and the Handy Lads, 1996
Last Round-Up, 2000
Night Shift, 1996
The Magic Peasant, 1986
A Stroll in the Country, 1999

Audio CDs
Shepherds Pie, 2008
Second Helpings, 2009
Rural Stew and Country Casserole, 2007

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  1. Chewing the Cud (Paperback) - Henry Brewis

    Chewing the Cud - Henry Brewis

    The sheep are on the road again, the cows are in the corn, the bank is on the telephone, the pigs are on the lawn. The combines standing idle and we cannot get it fixed... Learn More
  2. Country Dance (Paperback) - Henry Brewis

    Country Dance - Henry Brewis

    As the 1990s progressed, Henry Brewis bore witness to the new rural life he saw around him. This is his wryly humorous fable of the changes one traditional farm and village underwent as farming declined... Learn More
  3. Don't Laugh Till He's Out Of Sight (Paperback) - Henry Brewis

    Don't Laugh Till He's Out Of Sight - Henry Brewis

    One of the earliest books by Henry Brewis, this perennial favourite is a confection of stories, poems and cartoons from the early 1980s... Learn More
  4. Last Round-Up (Paperback) - Henry Brewis

    Last Round-Up - Henry Brewis

    When your toes are warming by the hearth and there's a glass of liquid encouragement t'hand... when life has calmed down a bit... well, if you can't occasionally see the daftness of it all... Learn More
  5. Little Bit O'Nonsense About Sheep

    Little Bit O'Nonsense About Sheep - Henry Brewis

    Compiled from previously published books and in a handy, pocket-sized format, this is a fresh look at Henry Brewis's fondest enemy: the mule yow.

    Learn More
  6. Second Helpings CD

    Second Helpings CD

    A collection of stories and verse that includes liberal helpings of death-wish sheep and collie-dog capers, all presented with Brewis' dark humour.

    Learn More

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