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Know Your Goats (Paperback) - Jack Byard

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Know Your Goats - Jack Byard

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In this book Jack Byard gives us information on some 37 breeds of goats from all around the world.

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Goats are a diverse range of beautiful (and sometimes rare) animals. Billy or nanny goats are the source of many a children’s story - who hasn’t read The Three Billy Goats Gruff to their children?

Goats were taken into the human fold over 10,000 years ago and most have been wandering the fields, hillsides and mountains since Adam were a lad. From some we obtain the fibre to create exquisite mohair and cashmere clothing. From others we obtain possibly more mundane (but equally important and extremely healthy) meat and milk; the latter being frequently turned into mouthwatering cheeses, bringing joy to me and a living to many farmers.

Goats are browsers and prefer unwanted brush, briar and weeds to grass, their lips and tongues choosing only the tastiest plants. Extremely intelligent and curious, they also are experts at escaping from ‘secure’ fields. Apart from keeping your fields looking good, they can make excellent pets.

In this book Jack Byard gives us information on some 37 breeds of goats from all around the world, including photographs, size and weight, hair type and history.

  1. Anatolian Black
  2. Angora
  3. Appenzell
  4. Arapawa
  5. Bagot
  6. Bilberry
  7. Bionda dell’ Adamello
  8. Boer
  9. British Alpine
  10. British Primitive
  11. Brown Shorthair
  12. Chamois
  13. Dutch Landrace
  14. Fainting Goat
  15. Girgentana
  16. Golden Guernsey
  17. Icelandic
  18. Kiko
  19. Kinder
  20. Kri-Kri
  21. LaMancha
  22. Messinese
  23. Nigora
  24. Nubian (Anglo-Nubian)
  25. Peacock
  26. Poitou
  27. Pygmy
  28. Pygora
  29. Rove
  30. Saanen
  31. San Clemente
  32. Savanna
  33. Spanish
  34. Stiefelgeiss
  35. Tauernsheck
  36. Toggenburg
  37. Valais Blackneck

Additional Information

ISBN 9781908397881
Author Jack Byard
Book Type Paperback
Published 2014
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