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Combines and harvest

Three outstanding harvesting DVDs by Dylan Winter and Tim Slessor deal with custom cutting in North America. Other DVDs deal with the history of harvesting from the horse binder to modern Claas combines.

Modern Combine Harvesters are covered in the Reiff Contractor DVD and the latest in Chris Lockwood's series of Combine Harvester DVDs that covers combines from 2010-2013. Our combines and harvesting films give you a detailed insight into the history and practice of harvesting with machinery.

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  1. Seventy Years of Farm Machinery Part Two : Harvest

    Seventy Years of Farm Machinery Part Two : Harvest - Brian Bell

    In the twentieth century the machinery for harvesting cereals, grass and root crops changed beyond recognition. Brian Bell's latest book charts this technical revolution from the 1930s to the 1990s.

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  2. Starks' Harvesters

    Starks' Harvesters - Robert S White

    In May 1979 two young Englishmen travelled to Oklahoma to become members of Dale Starksharvesting crew. For Rob and Charlie this was the start of memorable years driving Massey Ferguson combines the length and breadth of the American wheat belt. Learn More
  3. Thatcher's Harvest

    Thatcher's Harvest (DVD) - Robert Foster & John Foster with Paul Congdon

    This video is a contemporary record of all that lies behind the re-thatching of a Suffolk cottage... Learn More
  4. Maize Silage Campaign, The

    The Maize Silage Campaign (DVD) - Chris Lockwood

    In his twenty-one years of maize harvesting, Suffolk contractor Robert Self has seen all sorts of seasons from the very dry to the impossibly wet. Film-maker Chris Lockwood captured the vagaries of Robert?s final campaign, 2008. Learn More

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  5. Two Thousand Mile Harvest, The (DVD) - Dylan Winter

    The Two Thousand Mile Harvest (DVD) - Dylan Winter

    Every year ten of the world's largest combines follow the cereal harvest of North America... Learn More
  6. Threshers and Threshing

    Threshers and Threshing (DVD) - Country Films

    In the glory days of threshing the equipment travelled from farm to farm with steam traction engine or tractor... Learn More

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