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Trucks and heavy loads

A great range of trucking books and DVDs covering trucking in the UK, Middle East and North America from the heat of Doha to the cold of Canada's ice roads.

The heart of our trucking books section are the beautifully made series of books by Patrick W Dyer, which cover many of the most popular makes and models of trucks

A growing number of our trucking DVDs cover the heavy haulage of abnormal loads in various counties around the world. Heavy lifting of items such as jumbo jets and pipeline sections is hazardous and risky and these films show the steps needed to transport heavy loads safely.

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  1. AEC Mammoth Major Mk V and Ergomatic Cab Ranges (Paperback) - Graham Edge

    AEC Mammoth Major Mk V and Ergomatic Cab Ranges - Graham Edge

    The Mk V was announced in 1958 as a successor to the popular, but dated, Mk III. The new machine was not just a development of its predecessor ? it was a completely new design from the chassis up. Learn More

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  2. AEC Mandator

    AEC Mandator - Graham Edge

    This AEC book deals with the history and development of the AEC Mandator range from inception to demise. From its earliest days AEC was an engineering-led concern that maintained close relationships with its customers. Learn More
  3. AEC Mustang and Marshal

    AEC Mustang and Marshal - Graham Edge

    The AEC Mustang was announced in 1956 to be built at the former Maudslay works near Alcester. This twin-steering six wheeler 'Chinese Six' model was rated for 18 tons gross weight, placing it in the medium-weight range. Learn More

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  4. Cola Cowboys (Paperback) - Franklyn Wood

    Cola Cowboys - Franklyn Wood

    This vivid account tells the story of the truckers who were driving from the UK to the Middle East in the early 1980s. The journey was rough, tough, exhausting, dirty, uncomfortable and dangerous. Journalist Franklyn Wood reports that 'in the course of the one trip we are following, seven Britons died in accidents.' Learn More

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  5. Farming Stories from the Scottish Borders

    Farming Stories from the Scottish Borders

    This book is about the generations of people who have made the farms we know today. Engaging, enjoyable and informative, the author uses various family experiences to take the reader through three centuries of change in the countryside, including two farming revolutions. Learn More
  6. In the Driving Seat

    In the Driving Seat - Alex Heymer

    Forty-four years driving for a living have given Alex Heymer a wealth of stories ...Alex always wanted to be a driver, like his father, and learned at a very young age. During his national service he drove for the RAF, and then went on to trolleybuses for London Transport. He returned to London Transport later to drive RTs and Routemasters. He has lots of tales about driver shenanigans on the trolleybuses and buses. Learn More
  7. Juggernaut Drivers (Paperback) - Leslie Purdon

    Juggernaut Drivers - Leslie Purdon

    It's the 1970's. Trucker Dennis Richardson (Rich) revels in the laughter and camaraderie of his life on the road. He sets up a transport company, North Kent, with two pals. Benny is the one with the short fuse; Rich tries to calm him down - when he's not winding him up . . . Learn More

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  8. Know Your Buses (Paperback) -  James Race

    Know Your Buses - James Race

    Every day in all corners of Great Britain, buses can be found transporting the public for local and long distance journeys as well as sightseeing and school transport. Learn More
  9. Know Your Trucks

    Know Your Trucks - Patrick W Dyer

    The Know Your ... series of books is ideal for novice enthusiasts of all ages. For this book, Patrick Dyer has selected 44 examples to show the wide range of truck types that you are likely to see on British roads. Learn More

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  10. Truckers North Truckers South (Paperback) - Leslie Purdon

    Truckers North Truckers South - Leslie Purdon

    This is a story of a young man starting his career in road transport. In 1945 17-year-old Shay becomes a trailer-boy on an Atkinson lorry that is noisy, cold and limited in speed. Driver Fred is one of the old school and knows the best cafes, pubs and all the tricks of the trade... Learn More

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