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Extreme Loads

Heavy loads are par for the course for truckers everywhere, but some loads are a little bit different and need specialist movers to get the to their destination.  

These Heavy Lifting DVDs, feature loads from around the world, include lifting and moving of such diverse items as aeroplane fuselages, wind turbines, mining equipment and a 1,000 ton U-boat salvaged off the coast of Denmark.

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  1. Transporting Wind Turbines in Europe

    Transporting Wind Turbines in Europe (DVD) - Gertjan Houtman

    Showing the latest turbine and transportation technology, Transporting Wind Turbines in Europe is a must-have for heavy haulage and engineering enthusiasts.

    Learn More
  2. Transporting Exceptional Loads

    Transporting Exceptional Loads (DVD) - Truckstar

    Each of the exceptional loads shown in this DVD was a project requiring individual attention and equipment... Learn More
  3. Transporting and Lifting Wind Turbines

    Transporting and Lifting Wind Turbines (DVD) - Videoprofessionals

    Featuring Nooteboom's specialised transport equipment including the 'mega windmill transporter', this film shows how the outsize components of wind turbines are transported by road. With footage from Denmark, Portugal, Holland and Germany ... Learn More
  4. Special Transport

    Special Transport (DVD) - Gertjan Houtman

    Dutch transport companies have a world-wide reputation for moving heavy and outsized loads. This programme features the work of three specialists - Sarens, Mammoet and Saan Learn More
  5. International Heavy Haul Volume 2

    International Heavy Haul Volume 2 (DVD) - CP Productions

    In International Heavy Haul TWO we travel to four different parts of the world to bring you features showing heavy haulage at its most impressive.

    Learn More
  6. International Heavy Haul

    International Heavy Haul (DVD) - CP Productions

    This DVD is a collection of footage, from three separate continents, of heavy haulage and abnormal load movements. Learn More

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