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Patrick Dyer Books

Patrick W Dyer at Gaydon Truck Show

Patric W Dyer is the author of the popular series of truck books, each covering the trucks of a particular manufacturer.

The format of the books is highly picture orientated, including a lot of photos taken over the years, showing the trucks at work, along with writing to describe the vehicles' history and the types of tasks they were specialized in.

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  1. Volvo F88 & F89 at Work Second Edition  (Hardback) - Patrick W Dyer

    Volvo F88 & F89 at Work Second Edition - Patrick W Dyer

    This second edition of Patrick Dyer's book includes virtually all the photographs that were in the original publication and also contains 50 additional shots, many from the Volvo company archive. Learn More
  2. Volvo F10 and F12 at Work 1977-83

    Volvo F10 and F12 at Work 1977-83 - Patrick W Dyer

    Volvo F10 & F12 1977 - 83 at Work follows the development of the highly successful F10 and F12 trucks, beginning with the N-series and ending with the legendary Globetrotters. The book is full of evocative photographs supplied by enthusiasts and drawn from the Volvo archive. Learn More
  3. Scania 113 and 143 at Work

    Scania 113 and 143 at Work (Hardback) - Patrick Dyer

    With over 200 photographs provided by the manufacturer and enthusiasts, Scania 113 & 143 at Work charts the story of the 3-series through informative text in the popular and familiar style of previous 'at work' titles from the same author.

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  4. Scania 112 & 142 at Work

    Scania 112 & 142 at Work - Patrick W Dyer

    In the eight years from 1980 when Scania introduced the 2-series trucks covered in Patrick Dyer's new book, they produced no less than 135,311 units. For much of that time the 142 held the title of the most powerful production truck in Europe.

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  5. Know Your Trucks

    Know Your Trucks - Patrick W Dyer

    The Know Your ... series of books is ideal for novice enthusiasts of all ages. For this book, Patrick Dyer has selected 44 examples to show the wide range of truck types that you are likely to see on British roads. Learn More

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  6. ERF B, C, CP and E-series at Work

    ERF B, C, CP and E-series at Work - Patrick Dyer

    Patrick Dyer’s eighth book in the ‘at work’ series takes the reader on a journey with ERF, England’s last independent truck manufacturer, between the years 1975 and 1993.

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