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Michael Thorne

Mike Thorne on his MF20, one of
over fifty Ferguson tractors in his
Coldridge collection

Mike Thorne was born in Highgate, London, in 1938. On leaving school in 1954 he worked on a farm in Oxfordshire where he had his first taste of Ferguson in the form of an early TED20. Compared with most of the other tractors on this 1000 acre farm, the Ferguson was a dream. The Fordson Standards were difficult to start; the Allis Bs often kicked back on cranking over,and the Cat R2 took all his strength to swing over. So that’s how he fell in love with Ferguson tractors.

By the age of 28 Mike had moved from farming to engineering and construction in Devon. His interest in Fergusons was rekindled in 1985 when he bought a TED20 for £100. Since then Mike’s admiration for Ferguson the man and his machines has become unbounded.

He has painstakingly assembled an outstanding collection of Ferguson tractors and items relating to Ferguson products which are restored with the help of Ernie Luxton and on display in Devon at the Coldridge collection. Among recent additions to the collection are five tractors loaned by AGCO from the former Banner Lane museum.

Mike was instrumental in creating the Ferguson on the Farm series of DVDs featuring his friend Harold Beer. He also played an important role in the filming of Ferguson Tractors. He prepared and scripted Massey Ferguson Tractors 1956-76. Tractors from his collection also appear in Massey Ferguson Classic Tractors 1976-86.

Visitors to the Coldridge collection are welcome but should first make an appointment by calling Michael Thorne on 01769 540233.

Massey Ferguson Tractors 1956-76

Ferguson TE20 in Detail (Herridge & Sons, Beaworthy, Devon)

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