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Paul Heiney

Paul HeineyPaul Heiney has been a television reporter for over twenty years, starting with That's Life! He has worked on In at the Deep End, the Travel Show, Food and Drink and, on Radio 4, You and Yours. Recently he has enjoyed getting justice for BBC 1's viewers on Watchdog.

In 1990 he transformed his life by taking up traditional farming in Suffolk. For ten years he worked 36 acres with Suffolk Punches, a decade rich with experience as he learned what life must have been like for our farming predecessors. He wrote a diary of his activities for the Times as well as several books. He also created two best-selling videos about farming with horses, Harnessed to the Plough and First Steps to the Furrow, working with his mentors, Roger and Cheryl Clark.

Paul had agreed with his wife, fellow broadcaster and writer Libby Purves, that they should have the farm for no more than ten years. After the farm's sale Paul has tried to make more time for his other great passion, sailing. He has also presented for Anglia the popular series A Victorian Summer, eight half-hour programmes that show both sides of traditional farming: the glory of working the land with horses as well as the rigours and difficulties that Victorian farmers faced.

'Working the land', says Paul, 'is about the people who labour on it, so I hope we capture some of the richness of character which defines the countrymen and women of the eastern counties. They remain, for me, farming heroes.'


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  1. First Steps to the Furrow

    First Steps to the Furrow (DVD) - Cheryl & Roger Clark, Paul Heiney

    This video follows the progress of 3-year-old Suffolk Punch Taffy as he is trained for work by Roger and Cheryl Clark on their East Anglian farm... Learn More
  2. Secret Rivers

    Secret Rivers (DVD)

    For ITV Anglia, Paul Heiney explores twelve of the east of England?s loveliest rivers by canoe. He begins by locating the river?s source, usually a pond or a muddy ditch. Then, as stream develops into river, he launches his canoe and starts his journey. Learn More
  3. The Traditional Farming Year

    The Traditional Farming Year - Paul Heiney

    For ten years broadcaster Paul Heiney ran his own Suffolk farm with horse rather than tractor. In this book Paul draws on his experience in order to describe month-by-month a farming year that our great-grandparents might have recognized... Learn More

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