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Two rare JCBs

For nearly two years, on and off, we've been recording JCB backhoe loaders for a programme to show the story of the machine's development. This October we were the guests of contractors and enthusiasts J C Balls & Sons who have two very special models. The photographs are by Dave Scott. See blog 24 August 2008.

Jcb_story_oct_07_dave_scott_007 Where it all started - the Mark 1, dating back to 1954. Based on a Scandinavian idea, this was the machine that was to do away with the hand labour of digging trenches.

The driver of this restored model is Kevin Balls.

Jcb_story_oct_07_dave_scott_040One of perhaps thirty built in an edition to be limited to sixty, the sixtieth anniversary 3CX, complete with all the modifications.


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