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The Rural World of Eric Guy - forthcoming book

Rural_world_cover_2From the 1930s to the 1960s commercial photographer Eric Guy apture the rural world from his base at Basingsoke and Reading. Guy was a countryman through and through, working almost exclusively on agriculture and country life. He operated mainly in Berkshire, south Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, north Hampshire and south and west Buckinghamshire. When he retired in 1963, the Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, bought his negatives and copyrights.

Jonathan Brown, Honorary Fellow of the museum, has selected 176 images from the 2,000 held there. The topics these portray include: farms and estates; cereals and sheep on the Downs; cattle, dairying, pigs and poultry, working horses and the change to mechanization; the Second World War; the village scene and crafts. Dr Brown has supported the photographs with a knowledgeable text and captions.

The Rural World of Eric Guy by Jonathan Brown, paperback 128 pages including 176 photographs. ISBN 978-1-905523-87-0. Now in stock, £9.95.

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