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Volvo F10 & F12 1977-83 new book by Patrick W Dyer advance information

Volvo-F10-&-12 Front CoverVolvo F10 and F12 at Work 1977-83,  Patrick W Dyer. Hardback, 210 x 265 mm (landscape), 144 pages inc. approx 210 photographs. ISBN 978-1-908397-61-4. Now available from Old Pond at £19.95.

Advance orders and further information:

Volvo F10 & F12 1977–83 at Work follows the development of the highly successful F10 and F12 trucks, beginning with the N-series and ending with the legendary Globetrotters. The book is full of evocative photographs supplied by enthusiasts and drawn from the Volvo archive.

Volvo F10 Bro WreckerPatrick Dyer’s first book on Volvo, dealing with the F88 and F89, took the reader up to the F88 290 – a truck intended as a stop gap during the development of the F10 and F12. In 1977, the F10 and F12 with their dramatic new cabs were revealed to the world at the Frankfurt show. However, Volvo was never a company to rest on its laurels and in 1979 it delighted drivers and confounded the competition by introducing an entirely new concept to the market – the raised roof sleeper. The Globetrotter was born.

Volvo F12 Edwin Shirley TruckingA fine selection of over 200 photographs sourced from the Volvo archive and trucking enthusiasts shows UK operators as well as continental ones. This collection of images, accompanied by informative text, will evoke a host of memories from people in the trucking world. Volvo F10 & F12 1977–83 at Work is a must-have for every Volvo enthusiast.

Volvo F12 F-cabThis is the seventh book by Patrick W Dyer published by Old Pond Publishing. He lives in Essex where his day job is in motor sport. He holds a Class One licence and drives whenever possible. He is the proud owner of a 1983 Volvo F12, finished in the livery of Edwin Shirley Trucking.

Volvo F12 G Harraway & Sons


Volvo F12 Globetrotter

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