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Ford Tractor Conversions - news of a new DVD from Tractor Barn

TRACKS, TYRES AND SKID UNITS PART 2Tracks, Tyres and Skid Units Part 2 – Pinnacle 1964 to 1994, Stephen Richmond and Jonathan Whitlam (Tractor Barn). DVD approx. 100 minutes. ISBN 978-1-908397-91-1. Available in April from Old Pond at £16.95 inc. VAT.

Following on from Part One, this programme continues the story of the conversions built on Ford tractors from 1964 to 1994. Looking at each type of skid unit in turn, we see how the various manufacturers converted them – mostly to 4-wheel-drive form. With famous names such as County, Doe, Roadless, Muir-Hill and Northrop all included we get a unique chance to see how these machines developed in relation to each other.

To bring the story of the Ford conversions fully to life the Tractor Barn duo use recent film in which the majority of the tractors are at work, reaching a climax with the iconic machines of the early 1980s. After that, competitive models from the major manufacturers saw the need for conversions decline until they almost died out completely. However, in this programme the Challenger rubber-tracked crawler of 1994 finishes the story in style.

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