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Tracks, Tyres and Skid Units new DVD on Ford Tractor Conversions from Tractor Barn no available

Tracks, Tyres and Skid Units: The Story of Ford Tractor Conversions, part 2, 1964-1994 (DVD) is now available on

Tts2Part Two of Tracks, Tyres and Skid Units takes the story of Ford tractor conversions forwards from 1964 right up to 1994.

As with Part One we take each Ford tractor model and look at what conversions were based on that particular model. This means that a comprehensive overview of these conversions builds in the actual order in which it happened giving a unique perspective on these superb machines.

Four wheel drive conversions really steal the show in this programme as the new Ford 1000 Series 6X range arrives and numerous different conversions appear based on it and subsequent ranges, from companies such as County, Doe, Muir-Hill, Northrop and Roadless.

The culmination is the big County 1884 which marks the last days of the conversion specialists, but the story does not end there as the Moffett MFT was based on the Ford 40 Series from 1991 and the rubber tracked Caterpillar Challenger 35, 45 and 55 machines were based on the Ford 70 Series that first appeared in 1994. This brings the story to a neat end and the two programmes tell the complete story from 1917 to 1994.>

A special feature also looks at some of the smaller conversions built over the years such as drainage machines, tricycle conversions and other uses to which Ford skid units were put.

Using mostly recently filmed footage, this programme is a superb record of the Ford conversion story and certainly gives it a whole new perspective.


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