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Earthmoving Trails

This is a new series of programmes looking at a wide range of earthmoving projects throughout Europe. Each programme features new and classic machines working at a number of different sites along a chosen route.

A Dutch River Journey

This first trail, A Dutch River Journey, follows the River Maas which flows through the Netherlands. The starting point for this programme is just south of the Dutch border at the Belgian Voie Sèche chalk quarry; home to the only 283-tonne Terex O&K RH120-C and Hitachi 190-tonne EX1900 in the Benelux.

Northern Spain

Northern Spain is the second programme in the Earthmoving Trails DVD series and roughly follows one of the routes of the popular pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. But our journey is in reverse, we start in the north-west of Spain in the heart of the country’s slate mining industry. The mountains in the remote Orense region contain many large slate mines, one of which is home to some new and some not so new Hitachi trucks, excavators and wheeled loaders.

Coming Soon…

Southern France

Due for release in September 2015, Southern France is the third programme in the Earthmoving Trails DVD series. Our Southern France trail will start at a large quarry not far from Bordeaux, and then continue west through the Midi Pyrénées region before heading south to the Pyrénées Mountains and the world’s largest talc mine. Our journey will then take us along the Mediterranean coast before we head north to our final destinations in Provence.

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