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How to Become a First-Generation Farmer

This book is written for the first-generation farmer and will give readers the information they need to commit themselves to a farming life even if they lack experience and finance.

It encourages would-be farmers to have a go at farming on their own, whether on a hobby farm, part-time farm or a full-time enterprise. It covers a wide range of topics, from renting land and buying a field, through to all the livestock enterprises, arable farming, haymaking, silage making and much more.

A chapter is included on how to obtain planning permission for a mobile home and permanent dwelling in a greenbelt area, along with how to go about building – invaluable for those who need to live on the premises. What makes this book unique is the added humour. If you have read John’s four hilarious school farm books, you will have come to expect his wonderful sense of humour to shine through.

John Terry was a teacher for 25 years. He was head of a rural studies department and school farm. He retired from teaching in December 1999. In June 1989 he started to set up a farm of his own which has developed over the years into a full-time business. He is well known in the agricultural world and is the author of four books about his life on the school farm.

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