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The American Dream DVD... A Combine Called Dale

In the second part of the American Dream DVD, two farmers from Norfolk in England not only go custom cutting in the USA but also do it with their very own 1970's Massey Ferguson 760 combine!

Steven and Kevin Clarke travel to Oklahoma to help out with farmer Delbert's wheat harvest and arrive just before their new purchase does. It is now a race to get the 760 up and running ready for harvest but with huge thunderstorms and tornados roaming the plains all around the farm, it is touch and go as to whether there will be a harvest to gather in at all!

Throughout Steven catches all the action with his trusty camcorder and the result is a film that not only captures the essence of the 2008 wheat harvest in Oklahoma, but also a whole heritage of custom cutting dating right back to the master himself - Dale Starks!

With sunsets, night footage, storms and three old Massey Ferguson combines together in one field, prepare to be taken on a journey full of dust, diesel and open wheat fields as far as the eye can see!

View the American Dream Part Two: A Combine Called Dale

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