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Where's Sharawrah? Due September 2015

We have a new title 'Where's Sharawrah?' that is due for release in September for the Middle-Eastern trucking enthusiast:

Where’s Sharawrah? A Truck Driver’s Adventure across the Arabian Desert by author Gordon Pearce.


Three articulated trucks load in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: two Volvo 4X2 European road artics and a Mercedes 6X6 desert artic. Their destination is Sharawrah, somewhere south of The Empty Quarter. Seven days to travel a thousand kilometres, a third of which are open desert. Seven days that will turn into seventy.

This is the true story of Gordon Pearce, an English truck driver determined to get the job done. With the help of Bedouins he crossed three hundred kilometres of unpredictable desert in the height of summer 1978. Aside from the physical challenges, he has to battle bureaucracy and begins to dread hearing the word “bukkera” – “tomorrow”.

Told in Gordon’s ironic, modest style and illustrated with photos from that time, Where’s Sharawrah? is a captivating book for vehicle enthusiasts and anyone who is passionate about truck adventures.

Gordon Pearce started driving trucks in 1958, travelling frequently to the Middle East and all over Europe. He retired at the age of 72 in 2011 and lives in London.


Lorry drivers, Vehicle enthusiasts

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