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Coming Soon from Old Pond - Lorries of Arabia 2



Lorries of Arabia Part 2: ERF NGC

Robert Hackford

April 2016


Bibliographic Details

ISBN: 9781910456217 Extent: 80pp Book binding: PB Book format: 234 x 156

Price: £12.95 Subject classification: Road and motor vehicles general interest (WGC) Territorial market rights: Worldwide Colour: Four Colours



This book is a companion to the hugely popular Lorries of Arabia: ERF NGC, published in 2015. The first book made tribute to ERF’s world-class long-hauler, focussing in particular on the Middle-East examples, and to those who drove them. It was acclaimed for its “evocative photographs” and Robert’s “passionate” and descriptive style of writing and Truck and Driver called it “essential reading for the many enthusiasts of this golden chapter in haulage history”.

Lorries of Arabia 2 continues to explore the fortunes of this legendary machine. Including 100 fully captioned pictures, many of which have only been brought to light since the publication of Lorries, this volume clearly demonstrates the romance of the road. This book will enhance and enrich the body of knowledge pertaining to the culture of the Middle-East run in the 1970s/80s and will further delight fans of the first book, whetting their appetite for more.

Robert Hackford is a retired head teacher and long-haul trucker. He is the author of Lorries of Arabia: ERF NGC (Old Pond), Kamyonistan Quartet (a novel, Athena Press) and has had many articles published in trucking magazines.


Truck drivers and enthusiasts


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