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Know Your Owls

Owls have been around for almost 6 million years. There are over 200 types and they are well-known for their excellent hunting skills.

Jack Byard's new book Know Your Owls provides information about 39 owl species including their size, habitat, location, nesting and eating habits, plus other interesting facts. A photograph of each species allows easy identification of these beautiful birds.

The book covers everything from the Tawny owl which is perhaps the most familiar of the owl species. About the size of a woodpigeon, you are more likely to hear this bird than see it.

Fun Fact - That 'toowit toowoo' that is so commonly heard both in the woods and on the TV is actually two tawny owls calling to each other.

To the Barn Owl which is a bird of prey, hunting and catching small mammals, mostly Field Voles here in the UK. They have some extraordinary specially adapted characteristics to help them hunt for food at night, such as incredibly sensitive hearing and the ability to see movement with very little light.

To find out more get your copy of Know Your Owls which will be available to buy from Old Pond Publishing by the end of April.

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