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New Book: Know Your Freshwater Fishes

Available from Old Pond Publishing

Know Your Freshwater Fishes

Mark Everard


Available from 5m Books - Buy Now


About the Book

The fresh waters of the British Isles are diverse, ranging from torrential hill streams to powerful rivers and wide, meandering lowland channels.

Canals, drainage channels and the large Fenland drains of Eastern England also hold fish, as do reservoirs, lakes, ponds and other still water bodies. The fish themselves are correspondingly varied.

This pocket-sized book provides information about the 54 native, invasive and naturalised species found in the UK today, and includes a photograph of each to allow easy identification.

Dr Mark Everard is an academic (UWE Bristol), science advisor to a range of organisations, broadcaster and author with interests in fish and the wider aquatic environment.

Available from Old Pond Publishing
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