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Old Pond Newsletter

April 2016 Issue #65

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Old Pond


Recently we have had a surge in people contacting us to discuss an idea for a book that they think Old Pond might be interested in. This has spurred our Commissioning Editor Rachel Turner onto writing a ‘check list’ of things she would be looking for when accepting a book proposal. She also focused on which subjects in particular we are looking to publish books on and which have been our most successful titles.

We thought we would share with you a 'top 5' list of books as well as Rachel’s ‘check list’ of what you need to consider before putting pen to paper.

Top 5 Old Pond Books:

1.       Know Your Sheep - Jack Byard

2.       The Farming Joke Book: A Collection of Agricultural Jokes, Amusing Stories and Anecdotes - John Terry

3.       Plant Names Simplified - A. T. Johnson and H.A. Smith

4.       Know MORE Sheep - Jack Byard

5.       Lorries of Arabia 2: ERF NGC – Robert Hackford

Tip's to get your idea published from the perspective of our Commissioning Editor Rachel:

1. Our most successful books have been the “Know           Your” series; I would say simple and effective works       best.

2. Be creative, write about something original and if           the subject isn’t original then write from a different       perspective and include details about your                       background.

3. Always give as much detail as you can – this may be       your only chance to sell your idea to the editor.

4. Have a sample of your writing ready to exhibit your        writing skills and to allow for feedback on how you        can develop the book.

The Farming Joke Book

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Do you have any comments, reviews or questions? Then please do not hesitate to have your say by emailing us.

- The Publishing Team


Know Your Owls

Jack Byard

Owls have been around for almost 6 million years. There are over 200 types and they are well-known for their excellent hunting skills.

This book provides information about 39 owl species including their size, habitat, location, nesting and eating habits, plus other interesting facts. A photograph of each species allows easy identification of these beautiful birds.

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The Farming Year Europe

Lorries of Arabia 1 & 2 Set Offer - Only £25.95

Robert Hackford

These 2 books are an account of the magnificent ERF NGC machine hauling articulated road-trains over the Saudi mountains in Trans-Arabia livery and are a treat for Middle East trucking aficionados.

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Money In Muck Volume 3 - Tractor Torque

Cows In Trees

Julian Earl

Highly qualified veterinary surgeon Julian Earl, entertains the reader with a few of his favourite tales and events during his 45 year career not to mention the most bizarre of all – finding a cow stuck in a tree!

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Lorries of Arabia Part 2


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