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Bee Smart When Managing Health

Managing Bee Health: A Practical Guide for Beekeepers

Bees play an integral role in the upkeep of our ecosystem, with over 250 species in the UK alone.  The last few decades, however, have proved disastrous to bee health; changing agricultural techniques and an estimated 97% loss of flower-rich grassland since the 1930's have instigated a rapid decline in bee population and well being. Globally, both wild and domestic bees are struggling, with severe ecological and economic consequences.

The UK Government has recognised the decline in pollinators due to these agricultural factors, and responded in 2014 with the launch of the National Pollinator Strategy, setting out a number of goals and actions to address the issue. Tackling this issue from the perspective of bee health, Carr shows practical guides to understand, treat, and enhance the welfare of these creatures that are so important to us.

Managing Bee Health aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the health of bees, both in relation to hive activity and individually, in order to give an overview of the consequences of this worrying phenomenon. Veterinary practitioners, bee husbandry specialists, animal scientists, and wildlife enthusiasts all need increasing knowledge and understanding of the situation, and Carr’s book covers both common and emerging diseases, as well as suggested preventative measures to maintain bee health and care.

The preliminary analysis explores bee anatomy and physiology, before dealing in subsequent chapters with the main diseases and pathogens that affect bees and their colonies, and how to control their clinical impact and treat those infected. Insight into bee nutrition, insect interaction with flowering plants, global pathogen statuses, and elucidation of helpful contacts to report suspected conditions to, are all compiled in this extensive index of bee health material.

John Carr is a renowned specialised population medicine veterinary surgeon, who has taught bee medicine and production medicine at several leading universities worldwide, as well as running a consultancy practice with clients spanning all five continents. His expertise and vast knowledge has generated a book on bee health that is an all-encompassing directory for use in both popular and specialised circles.

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