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2016 Christmas Stocking Fillers

2016 Christmas Stocking Fillers 

Having trouble coming up with gift ideas this Christmas?  We have a few options to help you out.  From farming to trucking to animals we are sure you will find a book perfect for your loved one.

Our Favourite Books for under £15



Lorries of Arabia Part 2: ERF NGC
Robert Hackford

100 captioned pictures explore the fortunes of the legendary machine. A companion to the popular Lorries of Arabia: ERF NGC, published in 2015. 

Keep on Truckin’: 40 Years on the Road
Mick Rennison
Mick explains his dealings with crooks and con men that seemed to run the haulage industry.  He was earning crap wages from arrogant bosses, he learned his trade through trials and lots of errors.

Not All Sunshine & Sand: The Tales of s UK-Middle East Truck Driver Picture Edition
Paul Rowlandsnot-all-sunshine-and-sand-cover-small
Recounting his many hair-raising experiences as a truck driver on the Middle East run, some of them humorous, some alarming, Paul recalls the camaraderie of the trucking fraternity.


The Vodka-Cola Cowboy: Trucking Russia 1990 – 1995
Mick Twemlow
Describing possibly the harshest environment in the world – Russia, the atrocious weather in a wild and unforgiving landscape.  Including police harassment and the dangers that came with the dissolution of the USSR.

Fifty Shade of Tarmac: Adventures with a Mack R600 in 1970s Europe Andy MacLean fifty-shades-tarmac£14.95 A fictional story of how a young truck driver obtains his first job driving a Mack on the continent of Europe.  Based on the authors real life experiences and illustrated photographs from the time.



The Intuitive Farmer: Inspiring Management Success Peter L. Nuthall intuitive-farmer-cover-small£14.95 Communicating agricultural management through the form of a novel, Peter Nuthall provides a dependable source for farmers, agricultural and farm management students and people involved in the industry.

Hens, Hooves, Woollies and Wellies: The Diary of a Farmer’s Wife Bobbi Mothersdalehhww-cover-small £14.95 Farmer’s wife Bobbi shares her ups and downs of farming life in dairy format.  Bobbi’s dry and witty way with words cannot fail to amuse and endear you.



Cows and Catastrophes: The Flights and Fancies of a Cornish Dairy Farmer
Brindley Hoskencows-and-catastrophes-cover-small £9.95
After 40 years of dairy farming, there are many a tale to tell; some humorous, some are sad but they are all thought provoking.



Know Your Seriesknowyourset4-small £6.95 Provides information and fun facts about a range of animals, vehicles and machinery.


The Farming Joke Book John Terryfarming-joke-book-cover-small £7.95 This pocket sized book will provide you with hours of enjoyment and is the perfect tool for the farmer wanting to entertain family, friends and colleagues.

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