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Book review by Link Club magazine: a club for Caterpillar enthusiasts

Written and photographed by David Wylie, whose name will be familiar to readers of the Earthmovers monthly magazine as their Scottish correspondent, this book definitely punches above its weight.
The book is 35mm thick and weighs in at about 2 kilos. Within its 438 pages is an amazing selection of working photographs backed up with detail shots of some of the equipment as David had access to sites which few of us will have the chance to experience.

The sites are arranged by chapter, so each is like a guided tour the site and its equipment. Each chapter is supported with a detailed and informative text. Every time I open this book and read a few paragraphs there is always some interesting fact or quote from an operator or owner. How about this; a young woman named Tina Neil operating a Terex ADT TA400. She paid to get her own ticket for ADTs. Tina and the Terex product manager and the site manager all pass their considered opinions on the machine. The book is just loaded with information and informed comment.

The visits were undertaken through a twenty two year period from 1994 to 2016. Organising the material the material by site rather than machine type is excellent. The volume of material is easily handled in site visit sized chunks. The thirty two chapters are enhanced with carefully selected double page images of some of the kit. There are for example three double pages of a D9T owned by the Geddes Group ripping and dozing in a quarry near Alloa. Each double page is 16 by 11 inches. It is the number of double pages which takes this book to a higher level.

The site visits may focus on the newer kit, Hidrive dozers, ADTs, 360 excavators and off highway trucks, but there is some archive stuff in the book relating to Terex and the Motherwell factory which is covered in chapter 8. For the next generation, today’s machines will be their classics. Operators and owners will be able to look back and recall the many sites then operational in Scotland with David’s book as their guide.

An ideal read to keep one sane through the festive period. When Keith Haddock endorses the book “David’s photography is outstanding with high quality action images. I would say one of the top photojournalists in the industry.” There can be no better accolade than that.
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