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Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

Royal Agricultural Benevolent InstitutionThe Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution is the national charity for assisting retired, disabled or other disadvantaged members of the farming community. After a lifetime of hard work on the land, many find they have little or no money left for their retirement years:

  • A widow may find herself alone with a rising tide of bills and financial problems and no one to turn to for help.
  • A tenant farmer may be forced to leave a home of many years.
  • Savings can soon disappear if there are residential or nursing home fees to pay.
  • Farming families who are on low incomes may find they cannot cope during times of crisis.

RABI provides regular long-term support to those with limited savings who are fully retired due to age, permanent disability or ill-health, in the form of a quarterly living grant. One-off help is also provided when long-term beneficiaries are unable to pay for essential items or require disability aids.

RABI assists towards the cost of home help, enabling beneficiaries to stay in their own homes for as long as they are able, and with residential care home fees.

In most cases, beneficiaries will have worked full-time in farming for at least 10 years.

Support is also available for working farmers and their families experiencing exceptional difficulties, such as bereavement or ill health in addition to financial problems, and when facing hardship caused by events beyond their control, such as flooding or outbreaks of animal disease.

RABI understands the problems faced by the farming community and can take immediate action to help those in need. We believe it is important that our beneficiaries have the peace of mind of knowing there is somebody there to turn to in times of trouble or need. Help can be just a phone call away - the RABI confidential helpline number is 01865 727888.

None of the support that RABI gives to its beneficiaries would be possible without the generosity of its donors. To find out more about RABI and how you can help its work, visit

Shaw House, 27 West Way,
Oxford OX2 0QH
Tel: 01865 724931 Fax: 01865 202025

Registered charity no. 208858

As a member of the Farming Help Partnership, RABI works closely with Farm Crisis Network and the ARC-Addington Fund to provide a comprehensive range of practical, emotional and financial support for those in need in the farming community.


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