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Hens, Hooves, Woollies and Wellies: The Diary of a Farmer's Wife - Bobbi Mothersdale

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Paint the Town Ag review Review by Hens, Hooves Paint the Town Ag
'I was given the opportunity to review an upcoming book – Hens, Hooves, Woolies and Wellies: The Diary of a Farmer’s Wife, and Bobbi Mothersdale, the author, does what Farmer and I can’t do. Day by day, she outlines the daily escapades on their farm. Written in British English, the tale is uplifting at times, humorous at others, and truthful in all areas. I can relate to Bobbi as another farm wife not brought up in agriculture, and she sums it up nicely by saying “Not being brought up on a farm, I found the whole lifestyle wonderful. Funny. Frustrating. Rich, and here I mean in experiences. Tragic at times. Uplifting, others.”
Photos of the family and their various outdoor escapades are included in the book to give a face to this farm family in England, and simple sketches also accompany certain stories. Bobbi Mothersdale has an endearing and blunt way of writing that will relay her farm experience to both farmers and consumers alike. Her story, like all of ours in agriculture, is unique to her experience and farm.' - Lauren Arbogast, Paint the Town Ag
(Posted on 06/09/2017)
Review by Diana Fisher, The Accidental Farmwife Review by Hens, Hooves, Woollies and Wellies
'Step into the life of a UK farmwife with "Hens, Hooves, Woollies and Wellies" by Bobbi Mothersdale. Experience calving season in the damp chill of January. Enjoy the arrival of lambs in spring. Find yourself caught up in the trials and tribulations of farming life with its predators, poor weather and territorial beasts. Mothersdale writes as though she were sitting at her kitchen table with a cup of tea (or glass of homemade whisky) in hand, telling you a story. This is her daily journal - a diary about the love affair she and her husband John have with life on the farm.' - Diana Fisher, The Accidental Farmwife blog (Posted on 26/07/2017)
As farmers wives, there is excitement at our fingertips every day Review by Farmers Wife and Mummy Blog
Starting in January, one of the bleakest months of the farming year-especially for the Mothersdales, who are based in East Yorkshire, Bobbi documents her life and what she has learnt from being married to her farmer, John for over 30 years.

I liked the fact that Bobbi is at a different life stage to me. Her children are all grown up and it is grandchildren who dominate the next generation in her story.

She tells the realities of farming with dignity and stoicism but it is her dry humour which really appealed to me. When you are faced with life and death situations on a daily basis, you have to find some humour in your every day life or you would go mad.

Through her diary, Bobbi gives a wry, comical and yet realistic account of life on their farm.

Over the course of the year and the book, we meet her friends and family as well as the three dogs, numerous hens and crafty guinea fowl that play such a big part in their daily routine.

I laughed out loud in parts-especially when she talks about the plight of harvest and haymaking when we are at the mercy of our Great British weather.

As a farmer’s wife I nodded along with many of the anecdotes but Bobbi’s tale is not just for fellow farmer’s wives.
Hens, Hooves, Woollies and Wellies is the story of love and friendship. Hard work and providence.

The life of a farmer’s wife is like no other life and, if by reading Bobbi’s book grants people some kind of insight into the life of just one lady living this hard but incredibly rewarding existence, then I cannot recommend the book enough.

I take back what I thought about books in diary format. On this occasion, it was the only way Bobbi’s story could be told.

In many ways, the story is hundreds of other farmer’s wives stories-just on different farms around the country.

I do have one criticism though-or I should say my husband does. My new found obsession with getting another dog and some guinea fowl has left Hubster blaming that ‘bloody book’. Thankfully, I think Bobbi Mothersdale would understand this herself. (Posted on 16/11/2016)
I am sure this book will be a hit with anyone who has any knowledge of or interest in the trials and travails of country life Review by Jo Roger (friends with Andrew Arbuckle)
I sat down to read a bit of the diary this morning – but have now been engrossed for a couple of hours! I found it all really delightful… Her sense of humour and self-deprecating stance truly endear her to the reader… I am sure this book will be a hit with anyone who has any knowledge of or interest in the trials and travails of country life – it is fun and totally absorbing!

(Posted on 22/09/2016)
The book was amusing, interesting and I could relate to many of the situations contained within the text. I loved it. Review by Sarah Terry (Wife of John Terry)
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the livestock and the dogs and the amusing way in which their antics were written about kept me glued to the script…The humour which serves us well when coping with irate farming husbands thwarted by adverse weather and uncooperative stock shines through all areas of the text… I can see readers becoming hooked and wanting to know more tales of the characters such as the Guinea Fowl, the surrogate bantie mothers and the dogs… Bobbi writes with intelligence and humour and the dry wit with which the stories are told kept me amused and wanting to read more… The book was amusing, interesting and I could relate to many of the situations contained within the text. I loved it. (Posted on 22/09/2016)

5 Item(s)

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