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Robert Hackford

Robert HackfordRobert Hackford (born 1952) started out as a school teacher. However, mid-career he opted for change and became a TIR-driver instead. After doing Europe for a while, a trip to Turkey whetted his appetite for long-haul work and he subsequently spent a number of years driving to North Africa. He made a handful of Astran trips to the Arabian Gulf driving a Eurostar with a Twin-splitter as far afield as Doha in Qatar.

For Robert, each new trip was an adventure with a sense of achievement at the end of it. He even ran his own unit and trailer for a while. During the ‘nineties he often wrote articles for the various truck magazines. Robert returned to teaching, first in Istanbul then Rome and eventually in Cairo where he served as Head of a British International school before retiring in 2014.

Robert Hackford Books

Lorries of Arabia: ERF NGC

Lorries of Arabia 2: ERF NGC


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