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Roger Clark FWCF (Hons)

Roger (left) entertaining Canadian
visitor Shawn van Meeuwen of book
and video distributors Diamond Farm
Enterprises who have sold many
copies of Roger’s videos in
North America

Roger Clark runs a farriery at his tenanted farm on the Essex-Suffolk border. Although he specialises in heavy breeds, he shoes all types of horses. He instructs in farriery, is a Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers and a member of their examination board

Roger runs his farm with the aid of the Suffolk Punches and Percherons. A breeder of Punches, he is past president of the Suffolk Horse Society and a panel judge of the Shire, British Percheron and Suffolk Horse Societies.

Roger was formerly Master of the Essex and Suffolk Hunt and is Joint Master of the East Anglian Bloodhounds. He has appeared in many filmed scenes featuring working horses, including Bygones: the Horsemen and A Victorian Summer and met Paul Heiney when he instructed him in heavy horse work during the television series ‘In at the Deep End’. He contributed a chapter on ‘Farriery for the Working Horse’ to The Working Horse Manual.

Harnessed to the Plough, 1993
First Steps to the Furrow, 1995

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