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Sonia Kurta

Sonia KurtaSonia Kurta grew up near London. At the outbreak of war Sonia’s mother ‘unofficially’ evacuated her to the Gloucestershire Cotswolds where her love of animals and farming intensified. She had her first full-time farm job in 1942, the start of the eleven years described in Charismatic Cows and Beefcake Bulls.

Sonia returned to education, completing a degree in general agriculture at Newcastle, after which she specialised in agricultural economics. This led to a successful career with the Department of Farm Economics, School of Agriculture, University of Cambridge where she remained for seven years.

Sonia was keen to return to practical farming. She and her husband ran their own market garden for twenty-five years. She lives near Cambridge with her dog, Pippa.

Charismatic Cows and Beefcake Bulls, 2007

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